Manic-5 – Hydro Power Plant Info

Manic-5 is a power plant located in Canada. It is powered by Hydro and it has a capacity of 1596 MW.

How does the Manic-5 work?

A hydro power plant works by taking advantage of the power of water. It uses the force of falling or flowing water to turn a turbine and generate electricity. The water is usually collected from a river or dam, and then it is sent through pipes or channels to the turbine. As the water passes through, it spins the turbine blades which are connected to a generator. The generator then converts the kinetic energy of the spinning turbine blades into electrical energy. This electrical energy can then be used directly or sent to the power grid to be used by people in their homes and businesses.

Where is the Manic-5 located?


Manic-5 is located in the Province of Quebec, Canada. It is situated along the Manicouagan River near Baie-Comeau. This hydroelectric power plant is the largest in the province and one of the largest in the country. Built between 1965 and 1970, it has an impressive capacity of 5,616 megawatts and has been supplying power to local communities and businesses ever since. The dam is 820 meters long and stands 140 meters tall, creating an impressive sight along the river. The area around Manic-5 is home to a variety of wildlife including bald eagles, osprey, moose, and beavers. It is also a popular destination for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking.

How much electricity can this power plant generate?

It is difficult to estimate how much energy a specific power plant can generate. However, We can estimate that a power plant of 1MW capacity can power anywhere between 500 to 1000 homes. Based on the capacity of the Manic-5 power plant, which is 1596MW, It can provide energy to anywhere between 798000 and 1596000 houses.

Who Owns this power plant?

The owner of this power plant is Hydro-Québec. Hydro-Québec is a public utility company based in Montreal, Canada. It is the largest provider of electricity in the province of Quebec and one of the largest such companies in North America. It generates and transmits electricity primarily from hydroelectric resources and also manages the development of other energy sources such as wind and solar power. Hydro-Québec also works to develop energy-efficiency programs to reduce energy consumption across Quebec.

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