Novocherkasskaya GRES – Coal Power Plant Info

Novocherkasskaya GRES is a power plant located in Russia. It is powered by Coal and it has a capacity of 2214 MW.

How does the Novocherkasskaya GRES work?

A Coal power plant works by using a coal boiler to heat water in a contained area. The hot, pressurized water is then passed through a steam turbine, which spins and activates a generator that produces electricity. The water is cooled in a cooling tower and reused. In a simplified cycle, the coal is burned to heat the water, the steam from the boiling water turns a turbine to activate an electrical generator, and then the cooled water is used again in the boiler to repeat the cycle.

Where is the Novocherkasskaya GRES located?

Novocherkasskaya GRES is a coal-powered power plant located in the city of Novocherkassk, Rostov Oblast, Russia. It is the largest power plant in the region, providing electricity to more than a million people in the area. The plant employs around 2,000 people and has an annual output of up to 11 billion kilowatt hours. It is surrounded by several residential areas and is one of the main employers in the city. Novocherkassk is a city of about 140,000 people, located about 70 kilometers south of the city of Rostov-on-Don. It is known for its 19th century architecture and monuments as well as its colorful markets and lively nightlife. The city offers visitors a chance to explore its vibrant culture, colorful history and natural beauty.

How much electricity can this power plant generate?

It is difficult to estimate how much energy a specific power plant can generate. However, We can estimate that a power plant of 1MW capacity can power anywhere between 500 to 1000 homes. Based on the capacity of the Novocherkasskaya GRES power plant, which is 2214MW, It can provide energy to anywhere between 1107000 and 2214000 houses.

Who Owns this power plant?

The owner of this power plant is PJSC “OGK-2”. PJSC “OGK-2” is a large energy company based in Russia. It generates, transmits and distributes electricity to millions of people across the country. The company operates power plants and owns several hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear power plants. They also have access to large sources of coal and other resources necessary for energy production. In total, PJSC “OGK-2” is responsible for providing electricity to around 13 million customers.

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