TalenEnergy Montour – Coal Power Plant Info

TalenEnergy Montour is a power plant located in United States of America. It is powered by Coal and it has a capacity of 1775 MW.

How does the TalenEnergy Montour work?

A Coal power plant works by burning coal to release energy in the form of heat. This heat is used to boil water to create steam. The steam is then directed through a turbine, which activates a generator to produce electricity. The steam is then cooled and sent back to the boiler to be used again. This cycle is repeated over and over until the coal has been exhausted.

Where is the TalenEnergy Montour located?

The TalenEnergy Montour power plant is located in the town of Washingtonville, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Washingtonville is a small town located in the Lehigh Valley region of the state, surrounded by rolling hills and farmland. The power plant itself runs primarily on coal, and a significant portion of the local economy is tied to the energy industry. The town’s location allows for easy access to major highways and interstates, making it a convenient location for the power plant to ship its energy throughout the area.

How much electricity can this power plant generate?

It is difficult to estimate how much energy a specific power plant can generate. However, We can estimate that a power plant of 1MW capacity can power anywhere between 500 to 1000 homes. Based on the capacity of the TalenEnergy Montour power plant, which is 1775MW, It can provide energy to anywhere between 887500 and 1775000 houses.

Who Owns this power plant?

The owner of this power plant is TalenEnergy Montour LLC. TalenEnergy Montour LLC is an energy company based in Pennsylvania that provides electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. They offer competitive rates, reliable customer service, and a commitment to meeting the energy needs of their customers. Additionally, they are dedicated to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment by investing in clean energy resources.

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